Staying in touch with your clients and prospects is vital to your business and a newsletter sent by email is one of the strategies you can implement to do this.  But from experience I can tell you it takes more than basic computer skills and a fair investment of time.

Why not simplify the process and use an inboxFX newsletter template? Sending shorter newsletters ensure people have the time to read the advice or information you are providing.

The cost per year is only $ 99.00 and it is as easy as 1-2-3...4*
1) Choose a theme from the templates below.
2) Provide the additional information you would like to add (if we don't already have it on file)
3) Provide us with a different email address from your everyday email address that you will use for sending newsletters.
4) Type your text as you would normally. Insert an image if you would like, hit the send button and your clients will receive a professional looking newsletter.

Please click here for a great sample called Marie's Mortgage Minute

  • It is professional looking.
  • The header tells the reader what to expect and how long it will take to read it.
  • The information is clearly laid out.
  • There is no attempt at selling anything.


* Custom templates available for $ 50.00 more.