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Important Points

  • These instructions assume your email account has already been setup and is collecting email correctly.
  • Take a note of any settings you change.
  • Only change the items specified - you should not need to change either your email address, POP3 server, POP3 username / password.
  • These instructions are only for Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 - for other email programs please see How To Setup inboxFX SMTP Server or contact us.

Step One

  • Load Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0
  • From the main screen open the the 'Tools' menu and then select 'Account Settings...'


Step Two

  • Select 'Outgoing Server (SMTP)'
  • Change the SMTP server name to the SMTP server we supplied
  • Change the port number to: 2525
  • Click on 'Use name and password'
  • Enter the AuthSMTP username (it will ask for your password when you first go to send a message)
  • IMPORTANT: 'ibfxusername' is an example - if your inboxFX SMTP username is 'abcd1234' enter it as that and *not* as 'ibfxabcd1234'
  • Make sure 'Use secure connection' is set to: No
  • Click 'Ok'


Step Three

  • You should now be back to the main Thunderbird 1.0 screen
    Close Thunderbird 1.0 and then reload
    Check you are online then test to ensure you can send mail correctly
    All done!