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Perception is RealityLeslie Pearson

In advertising, perception is reality. Trying to attract new clients via bland, ordinary, text email, you are telling the recipient that you, too, are bland and ordinary. These text emails are considered the equivalent of junk mail, or “spamming" in Internet jargon.

The alternative?

  • High-quality
  • Full-color & photo-enhanced
  • Professionalism
  • Added success and
  • Cutting-edge technology

Imagine the impact branded email marketing would have on your business if you start sending hundreds or even thousands of personal email messages with no printing or postage costs. This is the core of today’s Internet-based marketing, and because of its low cost and ease of use, it has the potential to eventually overtake direct mail as the preferred delivery method for nearly all marketing materials. Right now, it’s the perfect complement to a direct mail campaign.

Email has quickly become the most common and essential form of written business communication, yet most people aren’t using it as an effective branding tool.

You wouldn’t send a business letter on plain paper, so why do you still send plain, text emails? inBoxFX email branding lets you send professional looking, consistently branded emails without any additional steps.

Every email you send is an opportunity to reinforce your brand, make an impact and put forth a positive, memorable, best impression of you.

Branded email is formatted with a consistent, professional look that includes your company or product logo (i.e. your brand), your signature, and your marketing message. It’s like business stationery for email!

  • Transform every email you send into an attractive marketing tool
  • Enhance your professionalism
  • Insure that your email messages don't get lost in the inbox
  • Be memorable and stand out from the competition
  • Offer readers one-click access to key pages of your website where they can take the next step towards doing business with you

You need email stationery if you are looking for a cost-effective way to...

  1. Build your brand - (you want to present a consistent image across all your marketing materials)
  2. Stay on the cutting edge of technology - (you realize that plain text emails are not the most effective way to promote your business)
  3. Market your business - (you demand more from your email and want to use email to direct more prospects to your website)